Agriturismo il Torrente

Who and what is "IL TORRENTE"? From what PEOPLE SAY ABOUT US ...

We are a decidedly unusual place, located in the heart of Umbria and characterised by the exquisite hospitality of Cinzia and Sergio, the owners of Agriturismo IL TORRENTE. The scent of the sea, the breath of the wind and a passion for music are all a significant part of their "personal history".

Charts, models, pictures, details and musical instruments provide traces of "their story". These objects, like the echo of a seashell far from the sea, fill the walls and spaces of their cottage, made of the ancient and beautiful stones used in traditional Umbrian houses.

You can sit comfortably in the sunny lounge sipping some spirits or a good glass of wine in front of the fireplace, with just the right music playing in the background. You can listen to stories of the sea and learn how Cinzia and Sergio landed in this place. Or, you can simply relax in good company until you feel right at home. You'll naturally get to a point where you’ll come out of your shell by sharing secrets and common emotions. Your days here will be truly rare ones. This is one of the gifts that IL TORRENTE gives its guests.

Five sweet and never intrusive Maremmani (the white sheep dogs native to the region), may come up now and then for a caress or lay down in front of you to take a nap. They add to the relaxed spirit with their calm, regular breathing. Sometimes, they even seem to contribute to the human conversation around them. The location is a beautiful and true oasis of peace and relaxation, surrounded by greenery and close by the stream that gives the agriturismo its name. This stream only adds to the fluidity of life here.

There's a wooded hillside for trekking which, afterwards, justifies experiencing the typical luxuries of a well-deserved vacation. There are also many famous and splendid villages in the area which hardly need to be pointed out. Here, you can get back to a simplicity that satisfies the senses and let's you rediscover yourself and dreams or emotions too often buried by daily life. You can also experience the intimacy of a cosy room, like those imagined long ago. The friendliness, helpfulness and courtesy of Cynthia and Sergio, will make your stay at Agriturismo Il Torrente near Perugia an experience you’ll hope never ends. It will give you a sense of what its like to live at a slower, sweeter pace.


"The land around is charming ...warm in winter and cool in summer! Great, really great! " Tamara

"It’s a temple of relaxation between silence, nature and simplicity. A well kept agriturismo and b&b -perfect for getting away from the chaos and noise. A healthy retreat, immersed in green and near a very lively "torrente" (stream) (the name is not accidental), a stone's throw from Perugia, Assisi and Gubbio. The managers, Cynthia and Sergio, are friendly, welcoming and generous. A bevy of white Maremma puppies, accompanied by their proud parents, transform the place into a film set ... " Stefania

"Two super people that make you feel at home and who are able to offer comfort and authenticity in an oasis of natural peace. Everything is wonderful, including the dogs! We can't wait to return! " Alessandra

"A relaxing stay in an oasis of peace. Between the green of the hills and far away from any bothersome noise. It's and an ideal base for touring Umbria. A few km from Gubbio and Perugia, near many villages that deserve to be seen. A warm welcome by Cinzia & Sergio, in the company of their wonderful Maremma dogs. It will catapult you into a place where you feel compelled to stop and enjoy what's around you. Already, I miss the place. I hope to return in November for the saffron harvest. " Patti

"An unforgettable stay thanks to the quiet and relaxing location between green hills and the beautiful stream that flows just below the agriturismo. The welcoming and tastefully furnished rooms are very comfortable. Breakfast is amazing for its originality and variety. Every detail is taken care of thanks to the know-how and diligence of the gracious owner! When you go away from that place, you leave a piece of your heart behind, but the beauty of the landscape remains forever in your mind's eye ... See you soon! " Simona

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